Is the display case and glue transparent?

All cases are completely transparent due to cast acrylic used. Cases are glued with special acrylic-only glue, which is transparent, and looks like water. After curing period, which takes about 24h, there may be some minor glue marks on edges - this is totally normal and cannot be avoided during bonding process.

How is the display case opened?

Each case has a sliding top cover, which slides in grove. You can also turn your box upside-down and have bottom side sliding.

Does the display case has anti-UV capabilities?

The PlexiglasⓇ that I use in my cases is sourced directly from the original manufacturer in Germany. According to manufacturer website, PlexiglasⓇ offers UV resistance. You can learn more about their products at
Despite this UV resistance, I generally recommend against exposing your items to direct sunlight to prevent any potential damage over time.

How do I measure my collectible item?

To cut custom cases, i need 3 sizes: length, height and width. Try to be as much exact, as possible - measure your item in widest, tallest and thickest place to avoid your item not fitting in case.
Custom case has a little as 2-3 mm (1/8") inside margin added on each axis, so it's very important to measure your item properly.

Can you engrave something on my box?

Of course! I can engrave anything (text, logo, dedication etc.) on every side of your case. Please be sure to add engraving option to your order. After purchase, send me a message what should be engraved.

If you wish to have more than one engraving (different location than usual top sliding lid) please contact me prior to ordering, as this is a paid service.

How can I send you my item size?

When adding to cart, there is an input field which you can edit to send your collectible item size. You can also send it with email or with direct Chat message after purchase (best with photos of tape measure or ruler on it).

Please DO NOT rely on internet sizes from Amazon or Ebay, as they are 99.99% times not accurate and your item will most likely not fit.

Can I return my case?

Unfortunatelly, due to built-to-order nature and custom case sizes, you can't return your case.

Are your cases waterproof?

I made many tests with my cases, and they turn out to be waterproof.
If you wish to order a case to use it as a fish/water tank please contact me prior to ordering, as the assemble process is a bit different.

Is there a possibility to remove the RetroBoxed logo on side of the case?

Yes! If you wish to have a "white-label" version of your case, please contact me prior to ordering. Such service is paid, so be sure to let me know first.

Are your cases ventilated to prevent moisture condensation in humid places?

There is a tiny gap under the lid. It allows the water to evaporate freely and prevents it's condensation inside the case.
There is a possibility to cut larger ventilation holes, but this is a paid service so please contact me prior to ordering

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