Preserving collectibles since 2020

Founded out of a genuine need to safeguard rare items, I've grown into a trusted partner for collectors worldwide.

Meet Mike

Hi! I'm Mike, web-design specialist, bitcoin enthusiast and Big Box games collector - the guy behind RetroBoxed. My adventure started in 2020 from a personal need to protect my Big Box PC game collection. Frustrated with the lack of suitable protection options, I leveraged my skills with a laser cutter to create a custom acrylic case for my cherished 1993 Sealed X-Wing game.

It was far from perfect, but it marked the beginning of something special. Sharing my creation with fellow collectors led to an unexpected surge in orders. Today, RetroBoxed offers bespoke protection for a wide array of collectibles, from books and action figures, old weapons, movie scripts to game consoles, even cereals and prehistoric mamooth tooths!

The overwhelming support and positive feedback from over 600 reviews (plus one not-so-glowing one) drive me to continue improving and expanding my craft.
Seeing my work bring joy to others is the best part of this journey!

We all started in a garage, right?

Ever heard that classic start-up story? Well, for RetroBoxed, it's not too far off. My journey kicked off in the back of our family's stationery shop. That little space is where it all shaped into what RetroBoxed is today.

The coolest part? I still do it all by myself – from chatting with you, designing, to the cutting, assembling, and even shipping. It's been an awesome ride, keeping that personal touch in everything I do!

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Learn more about me

Where are you based?

I am based in Poland, Central Europe - in a small town called Świdwin.

What do you do besides RetroBoxed?

I am a Computer Science engineer, so most of my interest are around computers. From designing and developing websites, holding Bitcoin and watching it grow, to playing games (Apex Legends!) and tweaking my 90s retro-computer.
Also being a father of a naughty little girl!

Why Big Box PC games, and not console games?

Like many, my love for games is rooted in childhood memories and nostalgia. Growing up behind the Iron Curtain, I had scarce access to original boxed games, missing out on consoles popular in the West like NES, SNES, Sega Megadrive, Playstation, and Saturn. With Poland's economic growth and changes in government, I've had the opportunity to revisit and collect the games from my childhood, allowing me to experience their history the way they were meant to be enjoyed.

What is the weirdest order you got, ever?

Oh, it's a tough one and after 4 years I could write a book about what do people use my cases for.

But the top contenders are for sure a case for passed away daughter ashes, ant-farm case, an order for cases from Tesla Motor Company and a case which went into space in a balloon, with phone inside!

What about Bitcoin? Up or down??